Research areas

The Department maintains a strong research tradition that, at the moment, is focused on following areas:

Analytical and Environmental Chemical Engineering
    (Coord.: Prof. Mauro Rovatti)
Biotechnology and Agroindustrial Technologies
    (Coord.: Prof. Attilio Converti)
Surface chemistry and Industrial Catalisys
    (Coord.: Prof. Guido Busca)
Electrochemistry, Corrosion and Protection of Metals
    (Coord.: Prof. Giacomo Cerisola)
Principles of Chemical Reactor Engineering
    (Coord.: Prof. Renzo Di Felice)
Mathematical modeling of chemical-physical processes
    (Coord.: Prof. Vincenzo Dovì)
Modeling and Plants for Industrial and Environmental Safety
    (Coord.: Prof. Emilio Palazzi)
Sustainable processes development
    (Coord.: Prof. Marco Del Borghi)

The research is funded by a number of national and international agencies, including the MIUR (Ministry of Istruction, University and Research), the European Commission, national and overseas governments, and industry.
The research feeds into the undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes, ensuring that our courses involve leading edge fields and that students leave with a taste of leading edge research.
Many of the academic staff represent Italy on national and international specialist committees, such as the Working Parties on Loss Prevention and Environmental Protection of EFCE (European Federation of Chemical Engineering) and Environmental Biotechnology of EFB (European Federation of Biotechnology).

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