Activities of the 'Genoa Joint Laboratories on High Temperature Fuel Cells'

ESF/PESC Exploratory Workshop

Proton Conducting Materials For Next-Generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Genoa, Italy 22 – 24 October 2007


The joint activity of the Genoa Laboratories (G.J.L.) started in 2002 between CNR- Institute for ENergetics and Interphases (IENI) and Department of Chemical Engineering and Processes (DICheP) with the intention to exploit their skills, respectively on electroceramics and electrochemistry,  in the field of high temperature fuel cells (HTFC). This first experience was extremely positive and two years ago we had the opportunity to widen our know-how with the knowledge on metallurgy and intermetallics of the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry (DCCI). Recently, attracted by the importance gained by the modelling of the processes in fuel cells, two more researchers dealing with these aspects have been involved in our studies. The three joint laboratories are conveniently located in Genoa and allowing easy sharing of the research activity.  The synergy of joint Labs makes available a wide spectra of facilities, from synthesis of powder to the final realisation of SOFC and its complete characterisation. Nowadays G.J.L. account for 5 senior researchers fully devoted to the HTFC and 5 PhD students close to the end of their doctorate and ready to continue their activities within G.J.L. as Post-Doc. Several students of the local Chemical Engineering and Sciences Faculties as well as foreign students and young researchers give a significant contribution to our researches.

Research activities

The research issues faced by G.J.L are the following:



Industrial and research Contracts

On-going contracts in the field of HTFC:

Further opportunity to open our activity to foreigner colleagues and students with the aid of grants are:

Bilateral agreement with the Bulgarian Academy of Science,
Erasmus-Socrates project with the University of Barcelona and Bourgogne.

In recent years the G.J.L has strengthened collaborations/activities with several laboratories in Europe, especially with the:

Chemical and Biological Engineering Montana State University, MT-USA

An intense exchange of data, information and personnel are continuously experienced.

The aim of G.J.L.

A strong belief that HTFC constitute a real opportunity to produce energy in a sustainable way and that HTFC are the correct technology to invest in, even if, still for long time hydrogen will not be available as a cheap and durable resource, are the pillars of G.J.L.

Starting from these points the G.J.L. research activities aim is to gain skills and know-how on HTFC in order to become a real player on this field giving contribution with new solutions and knowledge.

Furthermore, G.J.L. has the ambition to be a research group open to cooperation with scientific community for the development of fuel cells in this very crucial challenge of the human history.  


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